The crown jewel of the Belmont Child Care Association programs is Anna House, a full scale childcare and early childhood education facility located at Belmont Park. Located within Gate 6 at Belmont Park in Elmont, NY, it is easily accessible to employees of both Belmont and Aqueduct Racetrack. Its unique location, predawn opening, and weekend hours make it the ideal, and often only, affordable childcare option for backstretch families.




It begins in the Infant Room, where the Great Places for Babies program is in place via nurturing child development professionals. Happiness, engagement, curiosity, and safety are among the primary focuses. The room is full of things to explore and play with. Lydia's Reading Corner is the perfect nook for exploring books, building key listening, memory, and vocabulary skills. Many students come from homes where Spanish is the primary language, and this early work lays the groundwork for English fluency.

Moving in to the toddler room, the Growing World of Toddlers program emphasizes hands-on activities and social interactions to bolster independence, and physical and emotional development.

Educational opportunities abound in the Ready for School preschool room, where teachers carefully lay the groundwork for success in school and life. Excellence in preschool education is about balancing the present and the future. Each child is given the opportunity to have a terrific childhood while simultaneously teaching them the necessary skills to succeed in kindergarten.

Our school-age program, Olivia's Herd, provides a safe and supportive environment for older children on weekends, during holiday breaks, and in the afternoons. Tutoring and other resources are available to give the graduates of Anna House all the assistance they need to succeed. Students are also welcome to join us at Anna House in the hours between their parents beginning their work day and leaving for their own school day.

Field trips to museums, parks, and shows give children the opportunity to explore parts of the world they otherwise might not have the opportunity to experience. Our association with Camp A.N.C.H.O.R., a year-round recreation program dedicated to those with special needs, is just one of the ways we work to instill the values of community and service in our students.


Our children learn at a very young age that life is difficult. They arrive at Anna House at 5 a.m. in the dark of night while other children in the community are sound asleep. They are provided with a safe and nurturing environment to learn and grow and they are offered healthy food to sustain them mentally and physically. Our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) based curriculum provides a great start in the early childhood program and continues through the Olivia’s Herd After School Program. BCCA launched a Kids Helping Kids program in 2016 and we partner with local community-based organizations to collaborate on programs to benefit our children and their families. Our curriculum offers our children at Anna House a great start in life and we are now working with local community organizations to show our children how they can make a difference in the community where they live.

BCCA is grateful to the following organizations who help to enhance our program at Anna House by providing resources that enable our children and their families to discover new possibilities:



The Belmont Child Care Association and Bright Horizons utilizes the Teaching Strategies Gold (TSG) method of measuring success. The computerized program provides a numeric graph with developmental levels for each age group that teachers can check off. Each child has their own electronic chart which tracks their progress from their entrance to Anna House through graduation. Social, emotional, and physical goals are carefully monitored and discussed with parents, providing an accurate assessment of the growth of the child and developing solutions to help those who may be falling behind.

Since its opening in 2003, Anna House has educated over 1,000 students and BCCA has raised $10,000,000 to cover tuition and operational expenses.